Saturday, October 11, 2008

On with the stucco!

This week Tim the tile guy finished with the grouting of tiles, and the stucco contractor got the scratch coat of stucco on. The plan is to let the first coat of stucco dry for a week or so, and then "cure" the oven. The oven elements still have some water in them, which needs to be carefully driven out with a burn schedule that runs about 5 hours a day for 4 days. I've heard of people ignoring the curing schedule, and most often the result is a cracked oven. So....I'll be getting a nice warm coat on and hanging out in my yard for a few evenings after work. By curing the oven before the stucco is complete, we'll be able to see if there is any cracking of the stucco, and make changes as necessary. Here's a few pictures of the stucco scratch coat on the oven and kitchen:

My nieces Maddie and Lucy wanted to see pictures of the Texas state flag on the hearth. Below is a picture of that tile, and also one of my favorites - a crazy looking skeleton lady wearing a hat.


charliez said...

sky: the "crazy looking skeleton lady wearing a hat" it is called a "Catrina" (no conection with the hurricane). It was invented by a Mexican artist named José Guadalupe Posadas. He, like many Mexicans, like to play with the figure of death and he loved to draw his "catrinas" for the day of the Death, celebrated on Nov 2 here in Mexico.

The catrina represents a dead (obviously!) high class woman... Posadas liked to make sure that we remember that death is very democratic... no matter your status or economic position... at the end... she will come and pick us all up...

Nice kitchen by the way... great work!

Sky G said...

Charliez -

Thanks so much for the info regarding Catrina - I like her even more now! -Sky