Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Flame!

Two big developments to report. First, I picked up my chimney from RCR Fabrication in Santa Cruz this week. I think it came out really great. It's a little bigger than I had been envisioning, but that's totally on me since I designed it. It's made from mild steel so that it will rust and patina - much more fitting than the stainless steel ones that are standard. There is a functional 8" Simpson DuraTech chimney pipe in there still, it's just wrapped and hidden with the steel.

However, the really big news is that for the first time ever, there's a actual fire in my wood fired oven! I just started the curing cycle as of 30 minutes ago. For the first few days, all that gets burned is kindling, and then the fires will gradually get larger and use hardwood logs. Today I just have to burn one pound of kindling each hour, for five hours. Wooooo hoooooo!!!!

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Matthew said...

Wait, if I didn't know better, I'd say this is the work of a physics major.