Monday, August 23, 2010

You know what's missing from this blog?

Recent pizza pics, that's what!

A nice margherita. It never gets old making or eating margheritas.

This one was made with a Petite Basque Sheep's Milk cheese. A really nice change from the standard. A bit stronger cheese, nice variation.

Here's how the bottom of my crust is looking these days.

Sheep's milk ricotta, sauteed spinach and slow roasted garlic. This was made for some friends who don't eat cow's milk, but will become a staple.

This is my current favorite - mozzarella, pecorino, broccoli rabe and an egg. For me, pure bliss.

I've been branching out into making desserts in the oven - here's a wood fired strawberry rhubarb cobbler. Surprisingly easy, and always a big hit.

I'm going to work on posting recipes for all these in the coming weeks.

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