Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Pizza

Well, I finally have a pizza oven that's actually been used to make pizza - imagine that! Dough and sauce were from scratch using the recipes from the Forno Bravo website. The dough was surprisingly easy to make - they have an excellent and extremely thorough PDF document that runs 63 pages just on making pizza - it's as detailed as you could ever want and extremely helpful. Overall, the entire experience was suprisingly fun and relaxing - I made 5 pizzas and they all came out really nicely. I can't wait to make 50!

Starting with a banked fire and a nice clean floor.

Pulling out the dough - the Molino Caputo 00 flour makes a really nice, extremely workable dough. Pulled out into a uniform crust with very little effort.

Sauce and cheese go on.....

...and then into the oven.

The pizza, doing its' pizza thing.

Giving it a turn to evenly brown the edges.

About two minutes after going in, it's a finished pizza. A little basil and olive oil finish it off.

The first of many. A really decent pie for a first shot.

Was it worth it? Oh yes. Good stuff.

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maisie said...

I can vouch for the tastiness of the pizza. Really good!